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Land use conflicts – Disagreements which arise when different users of the land do not agree on how it should be used

To remember the meaning of the term Land use conflicts, use the following mnemonic:

They continue to flick (conflicts) from one to another.


They continue to flick (conflicts) from one to another.

Land use conflicts

Conflicts over land use can arise, for instance, when lots of tourists visit upland areas of the UK where there are small communities and vulnerable wildlife. Increased traffic can bring noise and air pollution and prevent local people from getting around their area easily. Rare plants may be trampled and littering might detract from the natural beauty of the area and cause pollution.

Huge conflicts can also arise over the development of both industry and housing in previously undeveloped areas. Local people often want their locality to remain unchanged while developers point to the need for more housing and the employment opportunities offered by new sites for business.


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