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A simple curve shaped like an arch


You can remember what a parabola is by remembering this old parable:

A parabola is a curve shaped like an arch

There is an old parable (parabola) that says, what goes up must come down.


The following are all examples of parabolas:


Example 1

Example of parabola


Example 2

Example of parabola, is that a smile I see? Yes it’s a parabola


Example 3

Example of parabola


Example 4

Falling water in a water fountain clearly show parabola's in action

Water fountains can make parabolas.


Example 5

Bananas are shaped like parabolas

Bananas are shaped like parabolas.


Example 6

When dolphins jump out of the water they follow a parabola path

Dolphins jump in a parabola shape.

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