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Convex lens uses – Camera

Convex lenses are used in cameras, which work in a very similar manner to a human eye. See convex lens – object at more than `2F`.

Convex lens focusing image on screen

An object at more than two principal focal lengths away from the convex lens will produce an image smaller and inverted.

Instead of a screen, the camera captures this image on film or a digital sensor.

Image being captured by a camera

The only difference with a camera called an SLR camera is that a mirror is put in the way until you are ready to take a photograph. The mirror reflects the image into a prism, which reflects it through the viewfinder so that the photographer can compose the picture. When you click the camera, the mirror momentarily flicks out of the way, just long enough for the film or sensor to capture the image.

Workings of an SLR camera

This is the make up of an SLR camera. 

Picture of an SLR camera

NOTE: SLR stands for single lens reflex. The name comes from the fact that there is a single lens (although it might contain several component lenses) for both viewing and taking the photograph, and that there is a reflex mirror that flips out of the way when the picture is taken. The advantage of having a single lens for viewing and taking the picture is that the photographer sees exactly what the camera takes. Some cameras have separate lenses for viewing and taking the image.

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