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Geometry is the relationship of lines, angles, curves, surfaces, solids and points.

This is easier to remember when you see

Geometry is a branch of mathematics that focuses on a shapes length, size, proportion, width, height

Gee will it fall on me, the tree? (geometry)

Annotated definition of geometry in one picture

Geometry is about triangles

A part of geometry is about looking at triangles more closely

Acute is a subsection of triangles 

 Obtuse is a subsection of triangles in geometry

Geometry is about parallel lines

Parallel lines is a branch of geometry in mathematics

I don’t believe we have ever met.

Geometry is about circumference and perimeters.

A branch of geometry is the focus of circumference and parameters of circles

Because perimeters matter.

Geometry is about volume of pyramid and cones.

Volume of pyramids and cones is another branch of geometry in mathematics

How much ice cream can I get in this cone?

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