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Any shape made of straight edges/sides – many sides

Poly = many

Poly means many in mathematics

Polly the parrots were many and everywhere.

Gon = sides

Gon in mathematics means sides

Gone are the sideburns he’d had for years.

Example 1

A grid showing different examples of polygons even triangles and squares are polygons

All the above are examples of polygons.


Example 2

A concave and convex shape is still a polygon, as long as the sides are straight and there are corners. 

Polygons can be convex or concave.


Example 3

Polygons with sides of equal length are called equilateral polygons

Polygons where all the sides are equal length are known as equilateral polygons.


Example 4

A polygon with the same internal angles of all corners are called equiangular polygons

Polygons where all the internal angles are equal are known as equiangular polygons.

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