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A vertex is where two or more line segments meet. A corner.

Plural of vertex is vertices (pronounced “ver-tiss-ease”).

A vertex is another way of saying corner where 2 sides of a shape meet

A vertical X (vertex) is covered in points which have two lines meeting.


Example 1

A pentagon shape has 5 corners so has 5 vertices

A pentagon has five vertices


Example 2

A square has 4 vertices

A square has four corners but these are four vertices too.


Example 3 

A vertex is where 2 lines meet

Where two lines meet is a vertex.


Example 4 

A cube has 7 vertices


Example 5

A circular shape is considered to have one vertex

It is considered by mathematicians that a circle is 2 parabolas joining together to make one vertex

A parabola can be thought of as two curves meeting, that is why mathematicians still call this a vertex. This can be the high point or low point of the graph.


Example 6 

The vertices of a tetrahedron which are located at each of the points or corners of the shape

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