Mammoth Memory

Colon – indicates added detail/gives explanation

The colon : is used after a statement to add detail (an explanation).

Or is used to introduce an explanation or a list (shows where a list starts).

To remember what a colon looks like:

A colon is used to indicate detail or statement after a word

Two sections of a human colon resemble a written colon.

To remember the use of colon, consider that it resembles car headlamps seen from above:

Colons are 2 dots above each other

The car headlamps (headlamps resemble a colon) throw light ahead, showing more detail at night.

A colon resembles a pair of car headlamps: it points forward, revealing more detail.

Colon provides more detail/explanation


1. It’s good for your health to eat apples: these fruits energise your body.

2. They now knew the true identity of the force they faced: the entire army of the Black Planet.

Colon used to introduce a series or list (shows where a list starts)


1.  I bought three items: a pen, a notebook, and a mug.

2.  There are three choices in life: be good, get good, or give up.

(Another way to remember this is that if the colon was just a comma, it wouldn’t be so clear as to where the list starts).

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