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Semicolon – between a comma and a full stop 

Also another type of comma                                 

A semicolon is a different way of pausing without using a full stop. It is used to separate two sentences that are related.

Also, semicolons are used as another type of comma.

A semicolon is also a type of coma 

A semicolon’s shape is not quite a colon.

And to remember its use:

How to write a semicolon 

A semicolon is between a comma and a full stop.

Remember semicolon 

Example 1

Between a comma and a full stop

Dad is going bald; his hair is getting thinner and thinner.

Written as two separate sentences, this would read:

Dad is going bald. *Take a breath* His hair is getting thinner and thinner.

By using a semicolon, we have shortened the pause between the two related thoughts and brought them closer together.


The two parts are related to each other.

Example 2

Another type of comma

The places I’ve been to include: Paris, France, London, England, Rome, Italy, and Madrid, Spain.

How could a person know that only four locations are mentioned? See how confusing this is if only commas are used.

To fix this, use semicolons.

The places I’ve been to are as follows: Paris, France; London, England; Rome, Italy; and Madrid, Spain.


The start of the list has a colon.

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