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Inequalities and graphs example 2


Graph the following inequality:


Add `x`  to both sides to get `y`  on its own.




Divide both sides by 4 to get `y`  on its own.




First, let's calculate some points on the graph.

`x=-2`   then   `y<=(-2/4)+1=(-1/2)+1=1/2`
`x=-1`   then   `y<=(-1/4)+1=3/4`
`x=0`   then   `y<=(0/4)+1=1`
`x=1`   then   `y<=1/4+1=1\1/4`
`x=2`   then   `y<=2/4+1=1\1/2` 


Now draw a graph and mark on the above points. Don’t forget to use a SOLID line.

Draw a solid line on the graph

Now pick a point not on the line.

Choose a point not on the line

Choose `x=0` and `y=0`





This read 0 is less than or equal to 1. This is obviously correct.

This DOES satisfy the inequality.


If the inequality is satisfied shade in that side


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