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How many radians in a full circle?

How many radians are there in a full circle can be re-written as:

How many `57.296^@` are there in a full circle?

To work this out


Answer:  `=6.283`

Another way that this can be expressed is

A radian is a radius that has travelled inside a circle which leaves an area of 57.296 degrees


Circumference`=2pi` radians (radius lengths)

Circumference`=2pi` radians


1.  The arc of a semi-circle would be ½ of this

? is a semi circle which is a little over 3 radians

2.  A quarter of the arc of a circle would be a ¼ of `2pi` radians

A half of a semi circle is ?/2 which is about 1.75 radians

In fact

Any part of a circle can be expressed in terms of radians (or parts of `57.269^@`)

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