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Define electromagnetism

The definition of electromagnetism is the physical relationship of electricity and magnetism such that a current of electricity produces magnetism.

Mammoth Memory will highlight the last part.

A current of electricity produces magnetism

and it's easy to remember because it's a joining of two words.

Electromagnetism is the joining of two words electric and magnet


When a current flows through a wire a magnetic field is produced, although the field produced is weak. Coiling the wire increases the strength of the magnetic field.

The strength of the magnetic field can be increased by the 3 C's.

  1. Having more Coils (turns of wire)
  2. Having more Current flow through the wire
  3. Having an iron Core


All wires with a current flowing through them have a circular magnetic field.

Magnetic field around a wire

This means that if you put a compass anywhere near the wire and a direct current is passed through the wire, the compass needle will move. The compass is influenced by the wire.

Moving a compass around a wire

Move the compass anywhere around the wire and the needle will move.


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