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Strength of an electromagnet (Number of coils)

The strength of an electromagnet changes with the number number of coils of the wire.

The way to judge if more turns on a electromagnet produces a stronger magnetic force is to count how many paperclips the different number of coils pick up.

NOTE: This is also a great test to judge between the strength of two magnets.

An electromagnet picking up 3 paperclips

Here this electromagnet can only pick up three paperclips. If you add a fourth paperclip they all fall off.

An electromagnet picking up 5 paperclips

Here, with more turns of wire on the nail, the electromagnet can pick up five paperclips.



More turns = More strength

NOTE: You could also demonstrate how much further away a compass is affected by an electromagnet with more coils as another method to determine strength.


NOTE: The strength of an electromagnet is directly proportional to not only the current but the number of windings. Double the number of windings doubles the strength of the magnet.

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