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Strength of an electromagnet (larger battery)

The strength of an electromagnet changes depending on the size of the attached battery. A higher voltage battery will produce a larger current through the same wire. This, in turn, results in a stronger magnet.

To prove this is true, connect two different-sized batteries to an electromagnet in turn and see how many paperclips each picks up. See below:

Electromagnet with a 3 volt battery.

Above, the electromagnet picks up only three paperclips. If you add a fourth paperclip, they all fall off.

Electromagnet with a 12 volt battery.

With a more powerful battery, we can see that the electromagnet picks up more paperclips.



NOTE: The strength of an electromagnet is directly proportional to the current and the number of windings of the wire.

If you double the current, you double the strength of the magnet.

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