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Inducing an electric current in a single loop

Even with a single loop of wire, passing a magnet into it will create an electric current. The single loop will still have all the characteristics of how a solenoid interacts with magnets.

A single loop is still a solenoid

Follow the movement of a magnet into one loop:

Passing a magnet into a single loop of wire.

Below, a current is induced in the loop when a motion exists between the bar magnet and the loop.

Inducing a current in a single loop of wire.

When the bar magnet is stationary with respect to the loop, no current is registered on the galvanometer.

No movement of the magnet will not induce a current.

The galvanometer is moved in one direction as you go towards the loop, but moving it in the opposite direction causes the galvanometer to also move in the opposite direction, which means there is a change in the direction of the induced current in the wire.

Inducing a negative current in a single loop of wire.

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