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Axon terminal – transmitter at the end of the axon

Axon terminals transmit chemicals from one neuron to another. They are positioned at the opposite end of the neuron to the dendrites.
At the axon terminal the signal has to be transmitted to the next cell or target cell
When an axe goes through a terminal (axon terminal) it transmits a signal and sounds an alarm to check that the buyer is over 18 years old. 

A chemical, known as a neurotransmitter, is released from the bulge of the axon terminal, crosses the synaptic gap and binds to a dendrite of the next neuron in the line. This action creates an electrical impulse which travels along the axon of the second neuron to the axon terminal, where the cycle repeats, and so on until the signal reaches its destination, which could be a part of the brain, a muscle or a gland.

Diagram showing how a neurone sends the signal to the next cell through neurotransmission

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