Mammoth Memory

Neurons/neurones – dendrite, cell body, axon and axon terminal


Neuron(e) can be spelt with or without a final ‘e’.

Neurones are the body’s messengers – specialised cells that transmit signals around the body. They are made up of dendrites, the cell body (also known as the soma), the axon and the axon terminal.

A neurone is a single messenger cell that transmits signals, the signal starts at the dendrite

The keep-fit fanatic planned a new run (neurone): she came out of her flat, straight past the lion’s den on the right (dendrite). The lions told her where to go next . . .

Next the signal travels down the cell body then onto the axon, which is a long strand, the signal then reaches the cell terminal it is then passed on to the next

. . . to where they sell bodies (cell body) with axes (axons) in their hand. They cost a lot of money at the cash terminal (axon terminal). 


Annotated Image of the neurone cell

A typical motor neurone.

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