Mammoth Memory

Commensalism – Relationship where one species benefits (but the other appears unaffected)

(Pronounced “commen-sal-ism”)

Commensalism is the forced relationship between two species where one benefits but the other is unaffected

They commenced a listen (commensalism) to a silent disco to see how it would benefit one species but leave everything else unaffected by noise.


Atlantic puffins nest in rabbit burrows where the rabbit is unaffected because it doesn’t use the burrow the puffin can benefit by the safe haven

Atlantic puffins nest in vacated burrows of rabbits. As the rabbits no longer use the burrows they are unaffected by the puffins, who benefit by being able to keep their chicks away from predators which may eat them if they were to nest on the ground.

Barnacles attach to turtle shells making it there home, but the turtle is unaffected by this

Barnacles attach themselves to turtles, whales and other marine animals in order to hitch a free ride to nutrient rich waters. The turtle is neither harmed/hindered nor benefited/helped by the barnacles as long as there aren’t too many attached to its shell.

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