Mammoth Memory

Mutualism – both benefit

Relationship where both species benefit.

Mutualism is a relationship where both species benefit

The relationship counsellor had to mute (mutualism) both sides so they could benefit from hearing her advice without being interrupted.


Bacteria in the gut helps to beak up food for us to absorb but they get a safe and warm environment but also a food source

An example of mutualism would be the relationship between humans and their gut bacteria. The bacteria are provided with their ideal temperature and a food source in the form of semi digested food in the intestine. In turn the bacteria break down the remaining food, releasing amino acids and vitamins that can then be absorbed by the gut.

Birds keep zebras, hippos and other mammals clean of parasites by eating them

Oxpeckers are birds that exhibit mutualism with several other species such as hippos and zebras. The oxpecker removes and eats parasites such as ticks and mites from the skin of the zebra/hippo etc.

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