Mammoth Memory

Food chain – Sequence of feeding in an ecosystem.

the food chain starts from a plant and ends with a high profile predator like humans or lions

The food is chained (food chain) in the sequence in which it’s eaten – linked together like a chain.


The producer starts the chain the plant then the primary consumer usually a bug of sorts then the secondary consumer, usually a bird or small mammal an so on to the tertiary consumer the top predator

Like all food chains this one begins with a producer, which in this case is the oak tree. The next organism in the sequence is the caterpillar which eats the oak tree leaves. The caterpillar is the primary consumer which is then eaten by the next organism in the feeding sequence, the treecreeper (small bird), known as the secondary consumer. Finally, the treecreeper (small bird) is eaten by the tertiary consumer which in this food chain is the hawk.

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