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Creating your own tessellation

Want to create your own tessellation like this:

You can draw this complex tessellation by breaking it down first

You too can draw a tessellation like this.

Get a post it note or a square bit of paper

1st get a square of paper perhaps the size of a post it note.

Draw a fan on the piece of paper

Draw a line from the top of the square to the bottom of the square (Line 1). Anything you like, as wobbly as you want. Then draw a line from the left to the right (Line 2). Again as wobbly as you want.

Label the corners of each segment

Label the corners 1, 2, 3 and 4 as shown.

Cut out the four segments following the lines

Cut out the four sections.

Rearrange the four segments so all numbers are displayed in the middle 

Rearrange the four corners so they are in the reverse order.

Stick the segments together 

Sticky tape this shape together.

Duplicate the process and attach to the previous 

Draw around the shape on an A3 sheet of paper and then keep going. Repeatedly.

Once the tessellation is formed you will see this 

If you want to colour it in to give the finished tessellation

Then colour it in.


If you send your designs in we will post them under here on our website.

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