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Transnational corporation – A company that has operations (factories, offices, research and development, shops) in more than one country

Many transnational corporations are large and have well-known brands.

To remember the meaning of the term Transnational Corporation, use the following mnemonic:

Transacts in many nations, sometimes all of them (Transnational), like McDonald's in all the different countries above.

Transnational corporation McDonalds

Transnational corporation logos

Globalisation (the "internationalisation" of markets for goods and services) has resulted in many businesses setting up or buying operations in other countries.

Companies that operate in several countries are called transnational corporations (TNCs) or, sometimes, multinational corporations (MNCs).

The US fast-food chain McDonald's is a large TNC – it has around 34,000 restaurants in 119 countries. Other examples include the technology giant, Apple, Coca Cola, and Unilever, one of the world's biggest consumer goods companies.

The majority of TNCs come from economically developed countries such as the U.S. and UK. Many multinational corporations invest in other developed countries.

However, TNCs also invest in less economically developed countries. The UK DIY store, B&Q, has stores in China, for example.




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