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Indices law - law 6 - Multiplying powers = Add the powers


To remember this: try simple numbers you know first.

`10^2\times10^2 = 100\times100=10,000`

Is this the same as:



So yes `10^2\times10^2=10^(2+2)`

So  `a^ma^n=a^(m+n)`

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More examples

Example 1

What is        `2^3\times2^4` ?

                     `2^3\times2^4 = 2^(3+4)=2^7`  

Which equals  `2\times2\times2\times 2\times2\times2\times2`      

`= 128`


Example 2

What is `(x^4)(x^5)`

We know `x^(4+5)=x^9`

(or   `x\timesx\timesx\timesx\timesx\timesx\timesx\timesx\timesx=x^(4+5)=x^9` )

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