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Hexagon – a polygon with 6 sides

A hexagon is a polygon with 6 sides

Hexagons and six both contain an X.


Example 1

Bees work in hexagons to make honey

Honeycomb, like in a bee hive, is made up of many hexagons.


Example 2

You can have irregular images with the sides at different lengths

Regular hexagons have sides that are all the same length. Irregular hexagons have sides that are different lengths.


Example 3

The internal angles of a hexagon are all 120 degrees

The internal angle between the sides of a regular hexagon is 120°. Internal angles are discussed in detail in the section Interior angles of polygons 


Example 4

You can have irregular and regular concave and convex hexagons

Hexagons can be convex or concave.

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