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Octagon – A polygon with 8 sides

An octagon has 8 sides

An octopus (octagon) has 8 tentacles (8 sides).

Example 1

An octagon has 8 vertices with an angle of 135 degrees

A regular convex octagon such as this has 8 sides of equal length and an internal angle of 135° between each side.


Example 2

Octagons can be concave

This is a concave octagon.


Example 3

This shape has 8 sides so it is an octagon

This shape may look a bit like a boat but is classified as an octagon due to it having 8 sides.


Example 4

This may not look like an octagon but it is

This may not look like an octagon but it has 8 sides, so it is an octagon.


Example 5

This octagon is irregular but it is still an octagon

This is an irregular octagon as the sides are not of equal length and the internal angles between the sides are not all the same.

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