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Pentagon – a polygon with 5 sides

A pentagon has 5 sides

Pens (pentagon) are held by your five fingers (five sides).


Example 1

A famous Pentagon

The pentagon is a pentagon where the lengths are the same

The US Department of Defence team building is known as The Pentagon.


Example 2

Spiders spin webs in a pentagon

Although made as a spider’s web, there are three pentagons in this shape.


Example 3

Regular and irregular pentagons

Regular pentagons have sides that are all the same length, irregular pentagons have two or more sides that are different lengths.


Example 4

Pentagons don’t have to have the same length of side

These are all pentagons but only the purple one in the middle is a regular pentagon, the others are all irregular pentagons.


Example 5

This shape even though it looks like a square it has a chipped corner, it is now a pentagon

Although this shape looks like a rectangle with a corner cut off, it is still a pentagon.


Example 6

A pentagon can be concave and convex

Pentagons can be convex or concave.

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