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All four sides have equal length, opposite angles have equal measure and opposite sides are parallel. They look like a diamond.

A rhombus has 2 sets of parallel lines and the opposite angles are equal

She rammed the bus (rhombus) into a diamond store.


The opposite angles on the inside of a rhombus are of equal measure

With opposite angles of equal measure and all four sides of equal length, and two angles the same and greater than 90° and two angles the same and less than 90°, this is a rhombus.

The opposite sides are parallel of a rhombus


This is a rhombus because all the sides are of equal length. Sides AD and BC are parallel, as are sides AB and CD.

A rhombus orientated the correct way is the shape of a diamond

A typical rhombus shape – Diamond

Fact file of a rhombus 

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