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Reflection - Think mirror line

On any mathematical reflection question, think..

Where shall I put my mirror line

 Reflection think mirror

Reflection think mirror.


The reflection of an image happens through the mirror line, choose any point on the reflected image and it will be the same distance as the image above to the mirror line

On a reflection the images are the same size and the same distance from the mirror line.

Reflection is the same size and distance through the mirror line 



The object and the image are perpendicular (90°) to each other.



Create a reflection of the following triangle using the mirror line.

Reflect this shape

We would tackle this problem by measuring each point to the mirror at 90°.


Measure each corner from the mirror line

Now we continue the line and measure the same distance to the other side of the mirror line.

Plot the corners again on the others side of the mirror line with no changes to distance

Now we connect the dots.

Connect the corners up to give you the reflected shape

This should leave you a perfect reflection:

Here is the reflected shape

We can now label the new image with the standard convention of `W^1,\ X^1 \ and\ Y^1`.

Mark the reflected shape with the 1 next to the letter of the corner



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