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Transforming - four types

There are four ways to transform an object in mathematics;

  1. Re-sizing - Enlargement, contraction
  2. Reflection - Mirrored
  3. Rotation - Around a point
  4. Translating - Sliding


To remember these four types think of a 

To help you remember you can transform a shape

Transformer (Transforming) with enlarged eyes after a night out.


To help you remember you can reflect a shape

So put on reflective mirrored glasses.


To help you remember you can rotate and translate a shape

But put them on upside down (rotate). Even when they were the correct way up they still slide off (translate).



Re-sizing: Enlargement

You can resize an object in maths by making it bigger

The square has been enlarged.


Reflection - Mirrored

You can reflect an image through a line so it is mirrored

The square has been reflected.



You can rotate objects using different pivots

The square has been rotated.



You can translate an object by sliding it

The square has been translated (slid across).

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