Mammoth Memory

Homonyms – words that sound the same and are written the same, but have different meanings

(fair as in light-coloured, fair as in festival or fun park)

Now we know that

homo = THE SAME

all we have to remember is that: 

nym = NAME

(written and sounds the same)

Joined up, this gives:the same, but different meaning

 Homonym = the same name – written and sounds

 Homonyms are words that sound and written the same but have different meanings

Nymphs (nym) of the modern era wouldn’t just read (writing), they would use their mobile phones too (sound).

Relate nymphs to written words and sound

Here are some homonyms in sentences:

I know I will get a fine when I take the book back, but that’s fine.

Suit yourself if you want to wear a suit.

I hope you are not lying to me about my books lying on the table.

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