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Syntax – the order of words

Syntax is the sequence in which the words of a sentence are put together.

To remember syntax is the order of words, think of our English language and the speaker with the worst syntax – Yoda.

Yoda and syntaxes

Syntax is the order of words in a sentence

“A sin, tax is” (syntax) is the wrong order of words. It should be: “Tax is a sin”.


Syntax can change from one language to another. In English, the order of the sentence is usually subject, followed by verb, then object.  However, about 58 per cent of languages have a different order.

Some classic Yoda syntax errors

Much to learn, you still have. (You still have much to learn).

Truly wonderful, the mind of a child is. (The mind of a child is truly wonderful).

That group back there, soon discovered will be. (That group back there will soon be discovered).

A sentence that contains the word “syntax”:

The syntax in Emma’s sentences is incorrect.


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