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The nine parts of speech

There are nine parts of speech. They are (in no particular order):

1.  Conjunction

2.  Noun

3.  Pronoun

4.  Adjective

5.  Verb

6.  Adverb

7.  Preposition

8.  Interjection

9.  Articles

The following story should help you remember all of these and what each of them do. 

Grandma’s glamour fancy dress party

Grammar image

Grandma held a glamour party




Everyone went to the shops at the corner junction to get their glamour and fancy dress clothes




The party was so posh, there was a master of ceremonies at the door who announced everyone as they arrived




But there were some people’s names that even she couldn’t pronounce




Everyone was told on their invitation to wear a jacket




Somebody got drunk and verbally abused Grandma because they thought their jacket had been stolen




They added to the verbal abuse by lying about her to the police




Grandma went to lawyers who prepared her position in court




Grandma arrived at court but there were lots of protesters inside the court house. The police had to enter to eject the protesters




The protesters came out waving an article in the paper about Grandma



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