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Hyperbole – exaggerated statement or claim

Hyperbole is the use of exaggeration to highlight a particular point, quality, attribute or quantity. Hyperbolic statements are not to be taken literally but do contain an element of truth about a person, object or situation.

You may hear people say “hyperbole” exactly as it is written – “hi-per-bole”. However, it should be pronounced “hi-purrb-oh-lee.

The following should help you remember what hyperbole is:

 Exaggerated statement or claim

A high purring cat (hyperbole) was prowling the city, but it sounded like exaggeration to some people…

Hyperbole is used for effect – it deliberately goes “over the top” and can introduce an element of humour.


Examples of hyperbole in sentences:

I’ve told you a million times I’m not interested.

He had tons of cheese in the supermarket trolley.

My feet are killing me.

I could sleep for a year.

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