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Triplet – three of one kind

Triplets – groups or sets of three similar things.

Three points to support an argument.

Triplets add emphasis and sometimes excitement to statements. For instance, saying something is “great” tells people it is above average, but to say: “It’s great, it’s brilliant, it’s amazing” leaves you in no doubt that this is something extra-special indeed.

Triplets – groups or sets of three similar things

Triplet babies (triplet) – three of a kind. They are extra-special.

No one knows why three is a magic number for expressions like this, but it definitely works better than two or four.


 1. Relaxing, luxuriant, extravagant.

 2. Shining, new, affordable.

 3. It was a dark, dank, dusty house (can be used with alliteration).

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