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Onomatopoeia - A word that sounds like its meaning.

To spell onomatopoeia think of the following phrase.

Onomatopoeia are words spelt as they sound

Examples include bang, crash, sizzle and cuckoo. To remember that onomatopoeia is associated with words like ‘Kerpow’, just think what would happen if you showed someone how to spell the word.

Onomatopoeia mnemonic 

Kerpow (a comic-book word for the sound of impact, sometimes written as kapow) is an example of onomatopoeia, but there are many other examples:

Animal sounds – moo, cheep-cheep, meow

Words that imitate sounds – slap, ping, pop, screech

Words related to water – splash, squirt, drip

Words related to voice – belch, burp, growl

Words related to collisions – bang, clap, slap

Words related to air – swoosh, whizz, flutter

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