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Surface areas formula, cubes, cylinders, pyramids, cones and spheres

Surface area cube

The surface area of any shape can be found by adding together the surface areas of its parts.


To measure the surface area of a cube you need to separate each face and add them up

If you always imagine pulling apart the cube and drawing it out you can clearly see their six faces.

And if it’s a perfect cube then each face is the same size.

The surface area equals 6 x Area of one face.



An artist wants to make a giant model of a Rubix cube. She purchases six tins of different coloured paint, each of which will cover 10m2 and six sheets of wood 3m x 3m in size. What will be the surface area of the largest cube she can make and will she have enough paint to cover it?


Each face of the cube can have a maximum surface area of `3m\times3m=9m^2` 

Therefore the maximum surface area the Rubix cube can have is `6\times9m^2 = 54m^2` 

Each tin of paint will cover 10m2  and each face of the cube = `9m^2`

`10m^2>9m^2`  therefore she will have enough paint.

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