Mammoth Memory

Jackson Pollock Art Project

To create a Jackson Pollock masterpiece, you'll need a canvas or piece of paper, a deep cardboard box large enough to easily fit the canvas inside, acrylic paint which comes in a bottle, a palette to mix paint on and at least one large paintbrush. 

Place your canvas/piece of paper at the bottom of the cardboard box.

To create a Jackson Pollock master piece place your canvas/piece of paper at the bottom of a deep cardboard box.

Now pour your paints directly from the bottle or mix new colours and flick, splatter and drip them with a brush.

If the paint is too thick to satisfyingly flick and splatter, add a splash of water to make it more fluid.

Fling, splatter, drip or pour directly from the bottle these different colours...

When everything is dry you can take the canvas or paper out and put it on display. You may need to use a sharp knife around the edge to cut the overspill away.

Jackson Pollock.

Jackson Pollock.

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